Aaxiom Healthcare Staffing understands that finding the perfect fit for your team may be a costly and time consuming task.  We also understand that it can be one of the most important tasks.  Recruiting these types of professionals is our specialty.


Utilizing our services and tapping into our unique industry knowledge will complement your current recruiting efforts.  Secondly, our services are at no risk.


We will assist in finding high quality candidates that you would not normally find on your own.  And the best part is that our upfront efforts are completely free.  We do not charge any fees for the manpower we invest, the resources we use, advertising, or access to our proprietary candidate profiles.  We cover all of those expenses for you.


You are free to view as many Resumes / CVs that you like and interview as many candidates as you like.  We deliver the highest value recruiting services to our clients and only charge a recruiting fee if you select our candidate.


AHS has an established track record in recruiting the following healthcare providers.


Advanced PracticeNurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA)

Nursing LeadershipNurse Managers, Nurse Directors, Chief Nursing Officers

Mental Health PMHNPs, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW, LICSW)

Allied HealthOT, PT, Pharmacy, SLT, etc.


AHS Recruiting Services Summary: 

We are a permanent placement recruiting firm.  We currently do not provide temporary, per diem, or locum tenens placement services.

Our fees are offered solely on a contingency basis and include a placement and replacement guarantee.  You have no risk and no obligation to AHS. We are only paid if you hire one of our candidates.

We have dedicated teams with unique knowledge, deep networks, and strong relationships in their respective specialties which helps us fill your positions very quickly.

You will spend less on expensive locums, have lower revenue loss from provider shortages, and prolong longevity of your current employees.

We complement your efforts whether you are currently advertising or have internal recruiters.  Most of the organizations that utilize our services have internal recruitment staff.

We offer customized search services tailored to meet your specific needs.

We prescreen candidates and only send you the best matches according to your specific criteria.

We will reduce the time it takes for you to analyze qualifications.

We perform in-depth reference checks on our candidates, we minimize risk.

We also perform license verification on our candidates, which will also help minimize your risk.

We advertise on all major websites and get you maximum exposure.

We use proprietary and state of the art systems and data mining technologies to source highly skilled and qualified healthcare professionals.

We deliver a total recruitment solution from sourcing and screening candidates, verifying licenses, to helping you manage the interviewing process.  Our process is designed to ensure a successful hire!

At AHS we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality service and exceeding every expectation.  We have a long track record of attracting and maintaining the top healthcare talent and providing our clients with the tools they need to maximize profits and minimize risk.


Reduced time required to search for, screen and hire candidates.
Our team provides end-to-end management of the search and recruitment process so your organization does not have to, a savings for your bottom line.

Expand your search to a national level
We recruit candidates on a national level rather than draw on local resources that might not produce optimal results.

Lower your cost per hire
Utilizing our services, your organization does not have to tap into valuable internal resources or dip into profits to conduct a search.

Lower your attrition rates
Hiring candidates to fill permanent, full-time positions helps reduce turnover rates, which results in higher employee morale and increased productivity.

Lower your patient out-migration
Not having adequate staff to handle patient volumes can mean a sizeable profit loss for your healthcare organization. However, our team recruits top-notch candidates to fill permanent positions so your organization can rely on a steadier patient flow.

Boost employee morale
Having a limited staff available often equates to longer hours and increased duties and responsibilities, which can be unattractive to potential candidates and current employees. We help you boost employee morale by bringing qualified candidates on board to support the workload and strengthen your team

Positively impact your bottom line
All of these benefits impact your bottom line because hiring the right qualified candidate(s) for permanent placement means increased productivity, increased patient-workload capabilities, lower cost-per-hire figures and increased profitable revenue.

We’re ready to help simplify your staffing challenges today! To get started, simply contact us and let our team assess your unique challenges and determine the best solution for your organization.


If you’d like to speak directly to one of our consultants, please give us a call at